Experimental Drug Cures Osteoporosis In Mice

A team of international researchers led by scientists from the Columbia University Medical Center have reported that an experimental drug that inhibits the function of serotonin in the gut has been effective in curing osteoporosis in rats. This discovery is reported on the Feb 7 issue of Nature Medicine. The findings may someday be used […]

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Breast Cancer Survivors Taking Aspirin Experience Lower Death Risk

A recent study showed that breast cancer survivors taking aspirin may also experience a lower death risk from the disease. The said study was made by researchers from the Harvard Medical School and published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. The said study involved more than 4,000 nurses who took aspirin, mainly as a way […]

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Bitter Melon Can Kill Breast Cancer Cells

A study conducted at Saint Louis University suggests that a vegetable used in Oriental and Indian medicine to treat ailments such as diabetes can also be quite effective in killing breast cancer cells. A vegetable known as bitter melon, which is common both as food and as an herbal remedy in many parts of Asia […]

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Study Finds Antioxidants Wont Reduce Pregnancy Linked Hypertension Risk

A recent study has debunked a common theory that suggests antioxidant nutrients such as vitamin C and E may help reduce the risk of hypertension linked to pregnancy. Pregnant women who took vitamin C and E supplements provided no indication that it might prevent or reduce the risk of the dangerous high blood pressure condition […]

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Diet Related Pregnancy Risks

A pregnancy can be considered as a risky situation for both the mother and the baby. That is why pregnant women should try to be more careful since various factors may have an effect on the baby’s development during the pregnancy period. One such factor may be the mother’s diet. There are several known risks […]

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