Study Says Folate May Not Protect Against Premature Birth

Pregnant women are recommended by their doctors to take folate during their pregnancy. Women take folic acid, the synthetic form of folate, supplements in order to prevent a number of birth related conditions which might include neural birth defects and premature birth. A previous 2008 US study indicated that taking folate for a year before […]

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Common Pregnancy Misconceptions

Pregnancy is both an exciting as well as sensitive time for expecting mothers. It can become quite a worrisome time especially for those who are going through this life stage for the first time. It is important for women to know and understand what pregnancy is all about and what they need to do to […]

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Bone Building Tips

Maintaining healthy and strong bones requires good nutrition and following a healthy lifestyle. The bones provide support for the whole body structure. But if one does not take care of it, bone density may gradually lessen as early as the age of 25. this will further lead to weaker and thinner bones that may be […]

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